Empa Quarterly 2021

What are the hot topics in research and technology? What is Empa’s role in all of this? How are inventions from the lab turned into innovations that succeed in the market? Empa Quarterly, our magazine for research and innovation, provides answers to these questions with interviews, portraits and exciting reports from our labs.
# 74 / December 2021 / Focus: Tomorrow's traffic

In the first issue of 2022, we take a look at the means of transportation in the future: Will they be vacuum tubes through which electrically powered sleds whiz? Or particularly light aircraft that can detect cracks in their wings themselves?  Will freight trains roll over particularly quiet rails in the future? And for how long will it still make sense to use combustion engines? Empa is looking for answers to all these questions. Also in this issue: a plaster that dispenses medicines, a card game for climate protectors and an innovative eco-protective cover for fruit and vegetables. Photo: KEYSTONE/EPA AFP POOL/Robyn Beck

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# 73 / October 2021 / Focus: Building smarter

Efficient construction is the focus of this issue. In record time, an office wing was built at Empa from scrap materials collected for us by component hunters. At the same time, the latest design and manufacturing methods have given rise to the HiLo unit - a revolution in concrete construction. Also: Infrared cameras on a chip, gentle cancer therapy with nanoparticles, a microscopy expert - and a dead eagle owl. Image: iStockphoto

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# 72 / July 2021 / Focus: Better Fibers

This issue covers Empa's new achievements in fiber- and textile research: soft cotton becomes fireproof fabric, and liquid filled polymer can be used as a data line. Empa fibers detect Alzheimer’s and make jackets from recycled plastic possible. Image: iStockphoto

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# 71 / April 2021 / Focus: Energy Renovation

Heating and cooling of buildings is one of the largest sources of CO2 in Switzerland with its 1.8 million residential buildings. If the energy turnaround is to succeed, most of them will have to be renovated. The current issue of Empa Quarterly illustrates what can be done and how to set priorities.

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# 70 / January 2021 / Focus: Clean new car world

Road traffic generates pollution and consumes energy. In the latest EmpaQuarterly, you can read what materials scientists can do to change that. Empa is researching road surfaces that are held together by twine instead of asphalt. We're developing truck fuel from solar energy, letting single-family homes hoard electricity - to fill electric cars. And we are designing an eye test for self-driving cars. Because they're getting older, too.

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