Experimental Continuum Mechanics

We perform cutting-edge research and provide advanced competences relating to the mechanical behavior of complex materials, with two main application fields:

  1. We study the mechanical behavior of soft materials based on the analysis of their microstructure. In particular we focus on highly deformable biological tissues and material systems used for biomedical applications. Models and experimental observations allow characterizing the deformation mechanisms down to the length scale of single cells, allowing for investigations on the mechanobiology of novel implants, scaffolds for tissue engineering and coating materials for biomedical devices.
  2. We formulate physically based models of deformation, damage and fracture behavior of metals, with due consideration of underlying microstructural conditions and mechanisms. Models with enhanced predictive capabilities are used for design optimization. Particular emphasis is recently placed on the influence of the manufacturing process on the mechanical behavior, including additive manufacturing procedures. 

Deputy Head of Laboratory
Alexander Ehret
T +41 58 765 4842

Office Administration

Georgiana Schönberg
T +41 58 765 48 44