Materials and Systems for Precision Medicine

Medicine poses ever-increasing demands to the next generation of diagnostics and therapies and the technologies they are based on. Current therapies are often only effective in comparatively small patient subpopulations (responders). The non-responders do not benefit from current treatments and may even be harmed by ill-chosen therapies. While precision medicine concepts are increasingly integrated into clinical routine, there is a significant lag in the adop-tion of the precision medicine approach in the medical device and materials design community.

The aim of this module is to develop transformative (nano)material designs and concepts for precision health solutions by capitalizing on our in-depth expertise in material science, modelling and data analysis as well as in biomedical research using advanced human in vitro, ex vivo and in silico systems and by integrating new holistic omics-, sensing- and imaging technologies.

This module is characterized by its pioneering spirit, a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary environment and strong links to clinical partners and the industry and therefore is in a unique position to advance materials and process designs compliant with the new requirements of the precision medicine era.