Energy, Resources and Emissions

Every society requires natural resources and energy to cover its basic needs, such as heating or cooling buildings, individual mobility and food and goods for daily life. At the same time, sustainable use of resources and minimization of environmental impact are of outmost importance.

Switzerland's ambitious goals in climate, environmental and energy policy require a fundamental shift in energy supply towards renewable energies and more efficient energy use. This is the only way to achieve the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

A holistic and systemic assessment is essential for a successful transformation of the Swiss energy system.


With our research activities, we contribute to a society that no longer emits any net greenhouse gases, uses fewer natural resources and produces less pollutants. Empa researchers provide the basis for a better understanding of fundamental physical and chemical processes, develop innovative materials and technical solutions and examine both their integration into the overall system, as well as their impact on our environment and society. A basic precondition is that material developments and manufacturing processes enable closed material cycles in the sense of a circular economy.

The research focus area Energy, Resources and Emissions is structured into eight focal topics:


Our extensive and wide-ranging collaboration with industry and with various federal agencies contributes significantly to the success of the implementation of new technologies and strategies and supports the necessary political monitoring with reliable data.
For testing new concepts and enable an initial implementation, our research and technology transfer platforms NEST, ehub, move and dhub are available for projects and cooperation in the areas of building construction and operation, neighborhood energy systems, mobility and digitalization.
Through its various activities, this research focus area is closely linked to the Empa research focus areas Sustainable Built Environment and Nanoscale Materials & Science.

Dr. Nathalie Casas
Head of Department Energy, Mobility and Environment

Phone: +41 58 765 3933

Dr. Björn Niesen
Managing Director Research Focus Area Energy

Phone: +41 58 765 4262