Environment and Health

What ramifications has our research on society and future generations? Materials and technologies developed at Empa will provide sustainable and resilient solutions to the most pressing challenges and help improve the quality of life for the public at large. Empa's Research Focus Areas (RFAs) are designed exactly with that purpose, our researchers are working closely together in interdisciplinary teams to tackle complex and urgent issues.

Climate-Neutral Materials and Energy Management

Our focus on developing climate-neutral materials and technologies promises new solutions to achieve Switzerland's climate targets by the year 2050. Pilot and demonstration platforms, for example to develop and test overall CO2-negative technologies, followed by a close collaboration with industry could pave the way.

Making the energy transition a reality is one of Empa's top priorities. Our research in this field translates, for instance, to solutions for an optimized energy management in buildings, districts and entire cities. Likewise, our work on novel battery materials and recycling processes is promising new sustainable paths for energy conversion and storage.

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Resource Efficiency and Emissions

Our research promotes the use of fewer natural resources and the production of fewer emissions by exploring key processes such as individual mobility and industrial production. What knowledge is key to assess the impact of technologies, detect potential damage at an early stage and assess environmental protection measures? What solutions are available and feasible for the much-needed reduction of our CO2 emissions and the conversion of mobility to CO2-neutrality and sustainability?

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Innovations in Health Care

With the goal of maintaining health and accelerating the recovery of patients, Empa is researching novel materials that protect and support the human body. Understanding and steering materials-biology interactions on the level of molecules, bacteria, human cells and tissues from the nano- to macroscale is crucial. Supporting innovative therapies and improving diagnostics, as well as the monitoring of disease onset and progression, lie at the heart of what we do.

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