Fostering Knowledge Transfer

Empa-Akademie is a platform for knowledge transfer and exchange, and our marketing and communication experts work closely together with Empa researchers to consolidate academia-industry collaborations and to boost impactful exchanges and dialog with the public at large.

Building bridges between stakeholders is the team's main task: we support researchers with communication and event management. Furthermore, we represent the Empa at selected activities and various partnerships.

Our collaboration leads to dynamic exchanges: in 2022 we reached over 4'000 people with more than 60 events and other communication activities.

Claudia Gonzalez

Head Empa-Akademie
+41 58 765 4296

Severin Heidelberger

Communications & Event Manager
+41 58 765 3925


Maria Lucia Hijar

Communications & Event Manager
+41 58 765 4378

Nadine Rieder

Communications & Event Manager
+41 58 765 4718


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