SPM Toolbox is a Matlab imaging and data processing library designed to analyze Scanning Probe Microscopy data. In particular, it also contains functions for the simulation of Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) scans, and the calibration of its magnetic tip. The library requires a Matlab installation (version R2010b or later) that includes the image processing toolbox.

To download SPM Toolbox on your computer, please register (see the link at the right of this page) and log in to the site. A download link to a zip-file will appear at the bottom of this text. Simply extract the file on your machine, and you are ready to use the library. Basic usage information can be found in the file readme.txt at the root of the distribution or under the tutorial link, which appears in the blue bar at the right side of this page after logging in.

SPM Toolbox is released under a (two-clause) BSD license. If you are using SPM Toolbox in your research/products, please give the proper acknowledgements to its authors. You can refer to SPM Toolbox in the following way:

Goey, Z. M., Hirsch, S., Székely, G., Schwenk, J., Joshi, N.R., Hug, H. J., & Marioni, M. A. (2013). SPM (<version number>) [Matlab library]. Zurich & Dübendorf, ETH Zurich & EMPA. Retrieved <date>. Available from https://qmfm.empa.ch/.

This software was developed by Empa and ETHZ in the framework of project "Quantitative Magnetic Force Microscopy," financed by CCMX. The industrial partner was NanoScan AG.

Download SPM Toolbox here: spm_0.1.0.zip. If you encounter a bug or wish to have a feature  added, please send an email to .

We are very interested in seeing how SPM Toolbox is used in practice, so please consider sharing your m-scripts with the scientific community sending them to .